She Sells Sea Shells on the Seashore

The sun is setting. The chilly wind is hugging me like a long lost friend. I am alone but not lonely. I kick of my shoes and dig my feet in the sand. It feels so good. The tingling feeling as the sand rushes past my toes.

I spot them. So many of them! Each one vying for my attention. I draw closer and pick one of them. It’s a tower shell.

I love handpicking seashells that interest me. May be its silly, but they remind me that I was once young and carefree. My mind begins to drift…

She sells sea shells on the seashore. That is the famous tongue twister, we as school girls passed our time with endless laughter. When on a dreamer’s trip I often think of this tongue twister. Then again me thinks what is the connection with the seashells and the sea?
Its simply the past and the present.

The seashells are a reminder of the past. Once upon a time they were happy homes to living creatures. Though they are fragments now, you can yet visualise their past glory. The colours they exhibit show how splendid they look, like jewels spread across the sandy shore in all their glory. Each and every seashell tells us a different tale. Big or small, pristine or battered, they compel me to wonder how did they end up so. Just like us, there are so many of them. Did they serve a meaningful purpose or were they just abandoned by their dweller? Most of them were once a home to a sea creature. Has their life purpose now come to an end? Or do they still exist in the hope that one day; they will once again be a happy home to a free spirited sea creature?

The seashells that once dwelled at the bottom of the ocean are now embraced by the sandy shores with open comforting arms.

The past makes way for the present.

The sea is the present, represented by the rolling waves drifting in and out along the shore tirelessly. The waves kiss the sandy shore a passionate hello and goodbye all at once with their pure white foam. But the sandy shore knows that the waves will never let go. The waves always come back never forgetting their camaraderie with the sandy shore.

With every ruffle the waves are like angels spreading white snow beckoning each child in you and me to chase it, touch it and dip our toes albeit just for a moment. It is our chance to hop onto a dream wagon and allow it to take us as far as we want to go; high or low, near or far, with friends or family, being happy or just a carefree ride, taking everything into our stride.
The sun has set. Its dark now. I realise my pockets feel swell. I smile to myself, a few more for my collection I say.

The seashells whisper amongst themselves… we will be a happy home to someone after all!

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