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Meet Tiana - The Beach Bum

Meet Tiana – – The Beach Bum


This is me – an ardent marketer, scuba diver and a compulsive beach bum. I choose to write every now and then about my beach bum-istic life.   I love to spend time at the beach; in, on, and under the water. I am an avid ocean swimmer, scuba diver, snorkeler and dream about having aquatic skills like Kevin Costner from Waterworld.

If you are reading this, then you know you are looking for a little something that is beyond the everyday monotony of your existence.

So here it is. For the greater good, I hope my posts make you feel better than you already do.


What’s a Beach Bum?

Beach bum


  • someone who spends most of his or her time having a good time on the beach

That pretty much sums-up the purpose of my being!


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